Bitcoin is remarkably polarizing. Technology evangelists and central-bank critics ardently believe — no, they know — that the digital currency can liberate mankind from the tyranny of banks and government-backed paper money. Skeptics note that, like other new technological disruptions, bitcoin attracts innovators and hucksters in equal measure. How canRead More →

Federal student loan borrowers, listen up. Whether you’re considering taking out loans, still in school, or already in repayment, policy changes in the Department of Education under the Trump Administration may affect you. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos rescinded certain student loan reforms the Obama administration planned. Specifically, she eliminatedRead More →

If you have a mortgage or are shopping for one, you’ve probably seen mentions of private mortgage insurance, more commonly known as “PMI.” It is required on certain types of mortgages – but not on others. What is private mortgage insurance? When you get a mortgage, the lender is takingRead More →